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Questions, Questions, Questions…

One of the biggest hurdles of successful short-term property management is guest communication. Often guests booking via Airbnb are doing it for the first time. Also, a lot of them are coming to Cyprus for the first time. Which means they have a lot of questions! Hosts will often have to spend a tonne of time answering these, which are often redundant as the information is already provided on the listing. And what’s more – they often repeat themselves, so you might experience the déjà vu effect more often than you like.

One of Exelairs most popular features is our Guest Communication Services that forms part of the Superhost package. This is a team of dedicated professionals who answer all messages from guests on your behalf. We sat down with our guest service experts, to find out which questions they answer the most.


  1. ‘When will I receive the check-in instructions?’

It seems some guests want instructions about the instructions. While the easiest response might simply be “soon,” our experts would never respond to any of your guests so abruptly. They answer all questions directly and politely. In this case, they tell your guests the day on which the instructions are scheduled to arrive.


  1. ‘What time is check-in?’

Your guests already have the answer to this question, both in the listing description and in the booking confirmation, but somehow, it’s asked so often that it’s second on this list.

You’re juggling way too much to respond to a question that your guests already have the answer to.

Luckily our experts at Exelair are more than capable of checking the listing description and answering accordingly. They keep the guests happy and save you time.


  1. Do you provide linens or towels?’

Like check-in time, the answer to this question can be found in the listing description, so unless you’re using a messaging system, prepare to answer this one a lot. Our experts at Exelair check your listing description and provide your guests with the answer. You won’t have to lift a finger.


  1. ‘Is there parking?’

Like the check-in, time and linens, this information is in the description. Let our team at Exelair answer these questions promptly and politely, and save you from potentially losing your cool!


  1. ‘How do I check in?’

If you’ve already switched to keyless entry, the check-in instructions are clear, but if you’re still handing over keys, this question might be the most important one throughout your guests’ stay. Exelair’s dedicated team take note to answer this question with great detail so your guests’ vacation can start off right and they can get their keys on time.


  1. Can I check in early & can I check out late?’

The best Airbnb experiences start before the guests arrive. When we are managing your property under our Superhost package, we will make sure to accommodate your guests as much as we can, to ensure the best experience and highest reviews for your listing. Let us handle the juggling between check-ins, check-outs and housekeeping, so you don’t have to.


  1. ‘I can’t find the property. I am lost. Can you help me?’

Unfortunately, in Cyprus, not all taxi drivers know the name of all the residential streets and Google maps isn’t always accurate. If your guest struggles to find the property, our team will jump to the rescue and try their best to get them there as soon as possible. Even if it means getting on the phone to the taxi driver and giving exact directions in Greek. We are there to help.


  1. ‘What’s the bathroom situation?’

Umm… with a toilet?

But in practice, we will look at your rentals’ description and tell your guest how many bathrooms and half-baths there are, if they are private or shared, and even where each of them can be found.


  1. Can you recommend a restaurant?’

When asked for any sort of recommendation, our specialists take it upon themselves to search for the best of the best in your area. If a guest needs a restaurant the Exelair team will send them a number of options that have positive reviews on Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

To find out how you can benefit from our Guest Communications Team, get in touch for a free consultation.


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