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Superhost status – the badge of honour pinned only to the most deserving of hosts. Reaching this prestigious status not only comes with a shiny medal, but will give your property priority in an Airbnb search, which will bring you more guests, and more revenue. If you aren’t sure about what it is, and if it’s worth it, make sure to read this blog post.

If you are already familiar with what Superhost means and want to become one, here are some steps that you can take to get there.


Step 1: Host at Least 10 Guests Each Year


Sounds straightforward, especially if you have a portfolio of properties. However, if you’re struggling to meet this requirement, try to update your listings’ profiles with professional photos of your space. You should also review your listing description and see if you can make it more appealing (but refrain from embellishing as this might lead to false expectations and negative reviews). Finally, consider having a adjusting the price to see if that will generate more interest.


Step 2: Respond to Guests Quickly


Treat any booking requests or guest inquiries as if they were a fire alarm – respond immediately. Once a year, Airbnb pulls out its calculator and works out the average amount of time it takes you to respond to each new message. To pass the test, you need a response rate of at least 90%. This might be the most difficult part of being a host, but thankfully, you can always delegate this to professional management companies like Exelair.

In the event that a guest asks you a question that you do not have the answer for, the best thing to do is answer them ASAP with a simple message saying that you’ll get back to them once you have an answer. Airbnb looks at the response time, not the response itself.

If you’re already working with Exelair, you may want to consider upgrading to our Superhost package, which includes Guest Communication Service. Our team of professional receptionists will take care of all guest inquiries for you, from booking to check out.


Step 3: Receive 5-Star Reviews, at Least 80% of the Time


What goes around comes around, and in the hospitality industry that translates from experience to reviews. Provide 5-star experience, earn a 5-star review. It’s that easy… Or at least you need to make your guests think it is. After the check-out, Airbnb will remind your guests to leave a review, but you shouldn’t shy away from asking your guests to leave a review if they haven’t yet.

Also, don’t let a of bad reviews get you down. Remember, to pass the Airbnb Superhost test you only need to get 80%. If you take the opportunity to learn from negative reviews, and improve for the next guest, you will better yourself as a host. Airbnb will provide you with personal statistics of your ratings, and even takes progress into account, so really, don’t let those less than 5-star reviews worry you too much.


Step 4: Don’t Back Out


As a host you have several responsibilities to you guests, and some of them start long before check-in. One of these begins the moment your guest books your rental – you have to commit to hosting them. Unless you absolutely must, do not cancel. Also, if you know you will be out of town on specific dates and cannot host during that period, update your calendar to make those dates unavailable in advance. Alternatively, use Exelair co-hosting services to ensure you don’t lose out on the bookings during that time.

Exceptions to this rule are made for emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. Airbnb has outlined the correct protocol to follow on their website for such cases, and guarantees to help guide you through the cancelation process.


Start Putting the Pieces Together Today


If you follow these four steps, you should receive your Airbnb Superhost badge in three to six months; and once you’ve earned your medal, you only have one step left: preserving it. The steps required to become an Airbnb Superhost must be followed to maintain it. To retain the title, you have to continue to be an outstanding host. If your rating drops below 4.8, you’ll lose your status and have to start all over again to retrieve it. It’s not an easy feat, and if it was – everyone would be doing it!

If you would like to reap the benefits of Superhost status for your property, but do not have the time or the energy required to obtain and keep it, you can benefit from Exelair’s Superhost service. As we are already Superhosts on Airbnb, taking your property under our management will automatically give it the VIP status.


To find out more about how you can benefit from our Superhost services, get in touch with our team for a free consultation.

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