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Our insights to shot-term lettings in Cyprus

Airbnb Tips for 2019

Investing in Airbnb rentals has become a favoured strategy for many real estate investors. In fact, hosting on Airbnb makes for an enjoyable experience in 2019 and it can make you plenty of cash if managed well. Airbnb hosts have to meticulously plan their Airbnb...

The 5 Steps to Becoming an Airbnb Superhost

Superhost status – the badge of honour pinned only to the most deserving of hosts. Reaching this prestigious status not only comes with a shiny medal, but will give your property priority in an Airbnb search, which will bring you more guests, and more revenue. If you...

Cyprus Airbnb Business is Not Just for Summer

There is a perception that short-term rental is a seasonal business, with most profits reaped during the summer months. However, data shows that revenue from renting on Airbnb in Cyprus is an all-year round affair, with great opportunities to be made off-season! Let’s...

Bleisure – a Growing Trend in Global Tourism

What is Bleisure?   Bleisure travel is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”, and refers to the activity of combining business travel with leisure time. The blend denotes its meaning: bleisure travel means that you take a holiday on your business trip....

Cyprus Hottest Airbnb Rentals of 2018

Unforgettable adventures are made from more than just amazing destinations.When visitors come to Cyprus, the want to taste a slice of the local culture – whether it’s life in a traditional stone cottage, incredible sea views over the Mediterranean or a modern retreat...

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