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What is Bleisure?


Bleisure travel is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”, and refers to the activity of combining business travel with leisure time. The blend denotes its meaning: bleisure travel means that you take a holiday on your business trip. Traveling for bleisure offers the possibility to relax and explore new cities with additional benefits. A survey among 600 business travellers conducted in 2014 concluded that 83 % of participants have traveled for bleisure. This trend is even more prominent among young people., with a staggering 94 % of millenial respondents said they want to try bleisure travel.


Who are the bleisure travellers?


As we discussed in our article about the keys to Airbnb success, it is important to understand what is the purpose of your guests’ trip.


So, if Bleisure travellers can be described as people who combine leisure with business, what are their defining characteristcs?


Often bleisure travellers are working in Technology, Healthcare, Public Administration sectors. Another research indicates that female business travellers would be more likely to take bleisure trips. They are also likely to be part of the millennial generation. This is noteworthy, because it is the millennials are twice as likely to travel for business as baby boomers. Millennials seem to work often from home or during the evening hours, to dedicate leisure on-goings to traditional work hours.  They have a flexible attitude to life, which leads to the blurring of the line between the private and professional. A consequence of this freedom could be their willingness to extend business trips to explore the destination.


Why do they travel for bleisure?


A report shows that the main reasons for bleisure travel are conferences, team building, and client meetings. As we have seen, there is a growing trend for industry events in Cyprus, meaning more bleisure travellers on the island.


To decide whether to extend a business trip, visitors will take into consideration various factors. Have they already been to this destination? What are they additional costs of extending the trip? How close is the trip to the weekend? What is the cost of the flight to this destination from their homebase?


Also, a lot of bleisure travellers are less likely to have family waiting at home and be on a tighter personal budget. The growth of platforms such as Airbnb, allow young business travellers to extend their trip without breaking the bank. This also translates into money and CO2 emissions saved on avoiding a new return flight.


The most popular activities during bleisure trips:


  • Sightseeing
  • The local cuisine
  • Culture and art


What does this mean for Cyprus?


Statistics have shown that travellers often extend their trips by one or two days, with about a quarter extending by three or four days.  The length of business trip is a crucial factor when considering extending. For example, when the business trip lasts three days, it is more likely to turn into bleisure. It allows business travellers to explore and visit different cities on the island.


This growing trend means that home-owners in Cyprus have a great opportunity to generate income by renting out their properties or spare rooms on short-term lettings platforms such as Airbnb. With an increase in business visitors to Cyprus, as well as an increasing trend in blending business and leisure travel, homeowners who position their property correctly on the short-term rental market, can reap huge benefits.


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